Thursday, January 16, 2020

We tried to do 85 jumping jacks like our story did.

The Week of January 21st

Snack Week:  Parker’s

Wednesday’s Memory:  He meets us here as He said He would
Friday’s Memory: We learn to praise our saving God!

Monday:   No School.

Tuesday:   Gym.  Computers.  Library.   AIMS Testing.  We will learn who takes care of the eggs and what baby penguins eat.  Ask your child what the babies eat!  Happy ½ Birthday Jack!

Wednesday:  Memory.  Computers.  Spanish.  Letter J Day:  jacket, jack-in-the–box, jack-o-lantern, jam, jar, jeans, jeep, Jell-O, jelly, jellybeans, jet, jewels, juice, jump rope.  We will learn that penguins live in the southern hemisphere.  We will make penguins.  Happy ½ Birthday Adelynn!

Thursday: Chapel. Gym.  Art.   We will learn about the different kinds of penguins there are.  We will make a king penguin.

Friday:  Memory.  Spanish.  Art.  Field trip to Frankenmuth.  Letter F Beginning: fan, farm, feather, felt, fern, fire engine, fish, flag, flamingo, flower, flute, fly, football, fork, frog, fur, fuzz.  We will read “Ron Hops” book.

Friday, January 10, 2020

The Week of January 13th

Wednesday’s Memory:  God gives His gifts in His word to us,
Friday’s Memory:  We learn from Him to love and trust

Snack Week: Owen’s

Monday:  Math test over numbers 1-10 and more and fewer.   We will learn the different terms that the animals can do in the winter.  Letter G Ending: bag, fig, keg, peg, log, dog, pig, hog, leg, bug, mug, hug, rug.

Tuesday:   Gym. Computers.  Library.  We will learn that some animals hibernate. We will learn about some of the animals that migrate.  We will make a picture of geese flying in a V. 

Wednesday:  Memory.  Computers.  Spanish.  We will learn what the animals do if they stay in the cold and how they adapt to the weather.  We will make a rabbit. 

Thursday: Chapel. Gym.  Art.  We will learn that some animals hibernate.  We will make a bear in a cave. 

Friday:  Memory.  We will watch a movie about animals in the winter.  We will read “Ron Hops” book to me.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

We saw the gas form of water....

Which will freeze first

We took three different kinds of cups and hypothesized which one will freeze first- a paper cup, a plastic cup, or a Styrofoam cup.....Ask you child which one froze hardest fist!

Catching Snow Flakes

Monday, January 6, 2020