Saturday, May 16, 2020

Nearpod for 5/18

The last Nearpod is complete for next week!

The codes for Young 5’s is: UBFNG
The Kindergarten Code is: YFJTN

Sunday, April 26, 2020

The Week of April 27th

Dear Parents,

There were quite a few students that did not read to or complete their journals, if you could have your child finish this and send it to me, I would appreciate it.  Please also send me a picture of your child by their growth chart, I would like to finish their portfolios.  Friday, Miss B. and I will be dropping off some of their locker belongings.  Some of the parents are telling me they need these items.  This week, please have your ENTIRE family trace the same hand, label it and place in folder along with any completed work in their folders. 

The NearPod is complete for this week.    

The codes for Young 5’s is:  MZOIN
The Kindergarten Code is:  XLSMB

Both classes are to read a story, please record them reading it, and then send it to me via a text.  My phone number is 989-751-5209.  The kindergarten should read “A Nut Pile”.

For journaling, please write three sentences about anything you would like.  It can be a story again, or just three thoughts they would like to tell me.  Remember to have them put their finger down to separate the words this week! Mom or dad, please take pictures of the sentences!   I had some great stories last week about Africa, robbers, fort building, and dragons, Oh My!!!  Thank you!  I loved reading about them!  Next week, we have a surprise coming!

In reading this week, we have four new sight words: seven, eight, some, there. Please add these to their flash cards.  Please do the worksheets pages 81-88.  Remember when you have name in a sentence it has to be capitalized.  The worksheets with the words eight and nine are going to be graded for handwriting.  Students are to read and record the book: "A Nut Pile."

In math, we will start a new unit.  Do XLSMB Nearpod first then do the worksheets.  This will help the children understand the worksheets.  Do lessons 10 through 10-2, please.  Let me know if your child needs more help.  I am willing to go on Facetime or Facebook Messenger to help them.  

Wednesday at 11am, we will Zoom with the whole class.  We will do the Scholastic News “Don’t Be a Litterbug!”  I will send the codes out the day before. 

Thursday, I will be Zooming with groups.  For this Zoom session, each child should have a paper and marker or pencil.     
10-10:15 I will Zoom with Adelynn, Lennon, Colton, Dane, and Owen. 
10:20-10:35 I will Zoom with Parker, Jack, Lydia, Gatlin, Charles, Cylis, and Landon.
10:40-10:55 I will Zoom with Calvin, Brynlee, Chandler, Avery, and Nataly. 

God’s Blessings on your week, Lisa

Sunday, April 19, 2020

The Week of April 20th

On Monday, Miss B and I will be dropping off new folders between 11 and 2.   There are a couple of crafts, an end of year word list for each group, Scholastic News, and a treat.  Please have all completed work with their COVID-19 feelings journal ready for me to pick up. 

The NearPod is complete for this week.     

The codes for Young’s is:  HNLQM

The Kindergarten Code is:  HRNQJ

Journaling this week is to write a little story.  Just have them add a sentence a day.  It can be about anything they want.  They are great story tellers.  Add a picture at the end or each day.   Please send pictures of this activity!  Remind them that each sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period. 

Both classes are to read a story, record them reading it, and then send it to me in a text.