Thursday, March 14, 2019

PeeWee Basketball

The Week of March 18th

Snack Week:  Landon’s

Wednesday’s Memory:  Remember the Sabbath Day by keeping it Holy.  Exodus 20:8 

Monday:  Swimming.  Long I Beginning: ice cream container, ice cube tray, ice skates, icicle, iris, iron, ironing board, island, ivy.

Tuesday:   Gym.  Computers.  Library.   Long I Anywhere:  bike, kite, fire, fire fighter, nine, pine, write, mice, vine, title, dime, lime, light, giant, lion.  We will learn that rockets are only used once.  We will blast off rockets in the gym or outside.

Wednesday:  Memory.  Computers.  Spanish.  We will blast off today!!  Air tanks and helmets are due!  Come to the Science Fair and Lenten Dinner from 4-6:15.

Thursday: Chapel. Gym.  Art.  We will learn about space shuttles.  We will learn that the space shuttles have all been retired and are now being used as museums.  We will make a book about them.

Friday:  Spanish.  Art.  We will read “Quin and the Jets” book to Mr. Garcia’s class. We will watch a movie about astronauts. 

Looking out the window....

We did the puzzle of the Solar System

Fish Tales

We saw the 5th - 8th Grade Operetta today.  The children really liked it.  Come check it out tomorrow at 1:30 or 6:30.