Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Harvest Party

Thank you to all the parents who brought their things for the party!!  Thank you to Mrs. Meyer for the wonderful craft!   A great Party!  Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Week of November 27th

Snack Week:  Ethan

Monday:   Music.  Letter T Ending:  bat, cat, hat, parrot, nest, kite, elephant, quilt, hut, pit, pot, pet, target, light, boat, coat, note, net, tent, meat, fruit, beet.  We will learn about Philippines’s Christmas custom of ringing bells on Christmas day.  We will make an advent bell to count down the days to Christmas.  The advent calendar started in Germany. 

Tuesday:   Gym.  Computers.  Library.  In Brazil, they will put manger scenes in most rooms of their homes.  We will make a manger scene.  
Wednesday:  Memory.  Computers.  Spanish.   Letter N Beginning:  napkin, necklace, necktie, nest, net, newspaper, nickel, nightgown, noodles, numbers, nutcracker, nuts.  In Poland, they put the Star of David on their trees.  We will make 6 Pointed stars today. 
Thursday: Chapel.  Gym.  Spanish.  Art.  Letter N Ending:  nine, green, hen, wren, dragon, onion, can, fan, man, lion, bean, spoon, train, tin, moon.  In Russia, they like angels to put on their trees.  We will make an angel to put on our bulletin board. 
Friday:  Memory.  Spanish.  Art.  We will read “Corky” book to Mr. Garcia’s class.  We will learn that Ice Land has 13 Santas.  We will make Santa masks. 

The Week of November 20th

Snack Week: Miss Stanley

Monday:  Music.  Letter H Beginning:  hammer, handkerchief, handle, hanger, harmonica, hat, hay, heart, helicopter, hen, hippopotamus, holly, honey, hoop, horn, horse, hot dog, house.  We will make turkeys.     

Tuesday:  Chapel.  Gym.  Computers.  Letter T Beginning:  tablecloth, tambourine, tape, teapot, teddy bear, telephone, television, tennis racket, ticket, tiger, tooth paste, toothbrush, top, tractor, train, tray, tree, triangle, tricycle, truck, t-shirt, turtle.  Our party will start at 1:15.         

The Schultz's Puppies