Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Friday, December 7, 2018

making ornaments

The Week of December 10th

Snack Week:  Ainsley’s

Wednesday’s Memory:  Every bough hangs with burden low,
Friday’s Memory:  They are gifts of love for us, we know

Monday:  Drop off your child at church in the morning.  Chapel.  We will learn about St. Lucia Day from Sweden. We will make wreaths.    Pick your child up at church after school!

Tuesday:   Gym.  Computers. Library.  We will learn about Japan’s tradition of filling stockings.
Wednesday:  Memory. Computers.  Spanish.  AIMS testing.  We will make bell ornaments to keep today. 

Thursday: Gym.  Art.  Letter B Beginning:  ball, balloon, banana, bandage, basket, bat, bear, bad, bell, belt, bib, blanket, block, boat, bone, book, boot, bottle, bow, bowl, bracelet, brush, bucket, butterfly.  We will make mice candy cane ornaments.

Friday:  Drop off your child at church in the morning.  Memory. Spanish.  Art.  Letter B Ending:  cab, tub, bib, club, tab, rib, web, scrub, robe, bulb, crib, cab, cube, tube.  We will make Grinch ornaments today and watch the Grinch. 

Friday, November 30, 2018

making ornaments

December 3rd

Please come and vote for our Tinsel Tree at the Masonic Temple at 614 Center Ave from 10-2 this Saturday!  You can win our classroom tree that we made all the ornaments for!

Snack Week:  Josie’s

Wednesday’s Memory:  For Christ from heaven to earth came down
Friday’s Memory:  To gain, through death, a nobler crown.  Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna in the highest!

Monday:  Drop off students at church!   Music.  Letter L Ending: spool, tool, stool, rule, pail, handle, ladle, saddle, small, little, pool, turtle, fall, wall, ball.  Field Trip to Chippewa Nature Center.

Tuesday:   Gym.  Computers.  Library.   We will learn about England and how they put balls and holly around their doors.  In Iceland, they have lots of different Santas.  We will make Santa masks. 

Wednesday:  Memory.   Computers.  Spanish.  Short I Beginning:  igloo, iguana, inchworm, Indian, infant, ink, insects.  We will learn about England and how they put balls and holly around their doors. 

Thursday: Chapel. Gym.  Art.   Short I anywhere:  sifter, tin, nickel, bill, ship, hip, swim, hill, lip, chin, fin, lint, inch, insect, ink.  We will learn that the people in Denmark like to make spice cookies.  We will make gingerbread ornaments. 

Friday:  Drop off students at church! Spanish.  Art. Memory.  We will read “A Hat” book to Mr. Garcia’s class.  We will learn that it is believed that the German’s started the Christmas tree tradition, so we will be making a Christmas tree!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Week of November 26th

28th Wednesday’s Memory:  His reign shall never pass away.  Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna in the highest!

30th Friday’s Memory:  Once the pride of the mountainside,  Now cut down to grace our Christmas tide:

Monday:  Chapel.  Letter T Ending:  bat, cat, hat, parrot, nest, kite, elephant, quilt, hut, pit, pot, pet, target, light, boat, coat, note, net, tent, meat, fruit, beet.  We will learn about Phillipines’ Christmas custom of ringing bells on Christmas day.  We will make a bells for the Tinsel Tree.

Tuesday:   Gym.  Computers.  In Russia, they put angels on their trees.  We will be making angels for the Tinsel Tree. 

Wednesday:  Memory.  Computers.  Spanish.  Letter N Beginning:  napkin, necklace, necktie, nest, net, newspaper, nickel, nightgown, noodles, numbers, nutcracker, nuts.  In Brazil, they put up mangers in their homes.   We will make lambs for our Tinsel Tree.  
Thursday:  Gym.  Art.  Letter N Ending:  nine, green, hen, wren, dragon, onion, can, fan, man, lion, bean, spoon, train, tin, moon.  We will make candy canes for the Tinsel Tree. 

Friday:  Drop off at Church!  Memory.  Spanish.   Art.  Letter L Beginning:  lace, ladder, ladle, ladybug, lamb, lamp, lantern, leaf, leash, lemon, letter, lettuce, lid, lime, lion, lizard, lobster, lock, locket, log.  We will read “Sam and Pam” book to Mr. Garcia’s class.   We will make a star from Poland.  Please come and help decorate the Tinsel Tree from 3:15-4:00!